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Page, Priscilla, University of Massachusetts Amherst (United States)
Parmalee, Patty Lee
Pashia, Angela (United States)
Pashia, Angela, University of West Georgia
Peters, Cynthia (United States)
Picower, Bree
Pinto, Vanessa
Podur, Justin, York University (Canada)
Poems, Collected
Polier, Nicole
Potorti, Mary, Boston University (United States)
Potter, Claire Bond, The New School for Public Engagement (United States)
Pratesi, Angela, University of Northern Iowa (United States)
Price, Emily Claire, University of Colorado (United States)
Progler, J. (United States)
Przybylo, Ela, Illinois State University (United States)
Puri, Jyoti, Simmons College (United States)