Radical Teacher Fellowship Grant Call for Proposals (CFP) (2023)

Radical Teacher Fellowship Grant Call for Proposals (CFP) (2023)

     Radical Teacher Magazine welcomes proposals for its Fellowship Grant. These grants will
promote and amplify projects that center “radical pedagogy and/or other radical educational
activity.” The grant was created to support the time that activist-scholar-teachers put into
pedagogical/educational work. Applicants are encouraged to spend some time reading Radical
Teacher to become familiar with our approaches to scholarship on the socialist, anti-racist, and
feminist educational theory and practice of teaching.

     Recipients will get recognition and supportive funding for their project and scholarly
development for their CV.

     Proposals should specify the project category as follows:

     Project Categories:
1. Develop an RT course (supports course release): Fellowship recipients receive a lump sum
that can be used to offset their workload for a given semester or summer while they develop a
course that supports a radical education pedagogy and practice.
2. Research within a course with radical aims: Addresses qualitative and/or quantitative
research into whether/how the socialist, antiracist, and/or feminist learning goals and pedagogies
of a course are impacting students.
3. Symposium, conference, inexpensive volume: Amplifies/explores the prospective and
ongoing impact of a significant course/program related to a Radical Teacher special topics issue.
4. Explore connections between public action & cultural work: Illustrates how coursework
impacts political work, pedagogy, and public activity and the reverse–critical participatory action
research. Explores the connections between research, writing, and political activity.

     Fellowship Allocation: Grants can be funded for up to $5000. Individual and group applications
will both be considered.

     CFP Applications: Project proposals must consist of an abstract, narrative, budget, and timeline
as follows:
1. Abstract: Brief synopsis of the proposal. (100 words)
2. Narrative & Timeline: (1000 words)
● A detailed explanation of the project and applicable components: purpose;
methods and process;
● Explanations:
○ How the project defines and engages the term “radical.” How will the
project accomplish its radical aims?
○ How the project defines and engages pedagogy. How is this pedagogy
○ Institutional context and how it impacts your project’s methods and aims.
○ Concrete outcomes (events, courses, curriculum, etc.)
● Principal Investigators: who is involved (individuals and/or group members).
● Project Plan.
● Project Timeline.
3. Budget (Narrative and Itemized): explanation of the financial request.

     CFP Applications should be submitted as one complete pdf document with your name, the title
of the proposal and your institutional affiliation in the heading. Applications are due on March
1st, 2023 by 11:59 via rtfellows23@gmail.com.

     Applicants will be notified via email by March 31st, 2023.