When Did You Know You Were Straight? Teaching with the Heterosexual Questionnaire
“You Only get what you are organized to take” by Josh MacPhee (2017) via Just Seeds.


interactive learning
lgbtq studies
women's studies
compulsory heterosexuality

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Vooris, J. A. (2021). When Did You Know You Were Straight? Teaching with the Heterosexual Questionnaire. Radical Teacher, 119, 75–77. https://doi.org/10.5195/rt.2021.819


This Teaching Note describes the process of forming a panel of straight students to answer questions from Martin Rochlin's Heterosexual Questionnaire.  The activity highlights heterosexism and heterosexual privilege, provides an opportunity to talk about satire and queer humor, and is a useful way to engage with concepts from class readings in introductory LGBTQ Studies and Women's Studies courses. 



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