Borders to Bridges: Awakening Critical Consciousness


critical consciousness
race and ethnicity
creative strategies
critical educators
creative curriculum
arts and education
professional development
teacher training

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Ditchfield, L. G. (2021). Borders to Bridges: Awakening Critical Consciousness . Radical Teacher, 120, 32–41.


Concerned educators seek ways to counter the myths, mistrust, false rumors, ignorance and fears surrounding issues of immigration, migration, race and ethnicity that have so negatively affected our students, schools and communities. This article presents an approach through a sample lesson plan, framework and synopsis of content and theoretical underpinnings of the chapters of Borders to Bridges: Creativity-Based Immigration Curriculum Guidebook. The guidebook and successful pilot program challenge the standardized “teach-to-the-test” narrative by proposing a student-directed curriculum which utilizes creativity to awaken critical consciousness.