Chaos Theory
Graphic: ”Throwback,” Ink and Acrylic on Canvas by LaurynMB

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Sereno, P. (2022). Chaos Theory . Radical Teacher, 122, 105–106.


This poem is part of a series using scientific concepts for messy (& glorious) human experiences; it is part of a recently completed manuscript STARFALL IN THE TEMPLE OF SAD GOODBYES. 

Prartho's bio:

Prartho Sereno served as fourth Poet Laureate of Marin County, 2015—17. She has taught poem-making  to children as a Poet in the Schools since 1999 and for over 12 years to adults at the College of Marin. Her four prizewinning poetry collections include Indian Rope Trick, Elephant Raga, Call from Paris, and her illustrated collection, Causing a Stir: The Secret Lives and Loves of Kitchen Utensils.