Lesbian Literature: A Third World Feminist Perspective

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Moraga, C., & Smith, B. (2014). Lesbian Literature: A Third World Feminist Perspective. Radical Teacher, 100, 92–96. https://doi.org/10.5195/rt.2014.163


"A Baseline From Which to Build a Political Understanding: The Background and Goals of the Course."

Barbara Smith: I'd taught Black women's literature, interdisciplinary courses on Black women and talked about Lesbianism as an "out" lesbian in my "Introduction to Women's Studies" courses, but I really wanted to do a Lesbian lit course. Lesbian literature had never been offered by the Women's Studies program at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, although the program is almost ten years old. There was a gay literature course that had been co-taught by a gay man and a lesbian, but its orientation was quite a bit different from what I had in mind.