We Are Not Your Soldiers

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Rugoff, S. (2021). We Are Not Your Soldiers. Radical Teacher, 120, 88–90. https://doi.org/10.5195/rt.2021.917


We Are Not Your Soldiers brings veterans into high school and college classrooms to engage in dialogue with students as they share their experiences in the U.S. military where they were part of the vast machine carrying out policies of domination via wars, interventions, police actions, surveillance, drones or bases. Hearing directly from veterans speaking from their hearts, often revealing very personal insights, can be a life-changing experience for many students. The veterans share vivid stories of how they were affected by the military and of the wars where so many have lost their humanity or their lives. Students are encouraged to voice ideas and questions in an environment where each person speaking is treated with respect. The students respond, showing great empathy for the veterans while also expressing shock at the information they communicate. Responses are profound and questions are many.