Speaking Back to the Neoliberal Community College
Graphic: ”Throwback,” Ink and Acrylic on Canvas by LaurynMB


community college
college completion agenda
Black and Latino men

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Schnee, E. (2022). Speaking Back to the Neoliberal Community College . Radical Teacher, 122, 84–93. https://doi.org/10.5195/rt.2022.893


This article explores the complexities and contradictions of neoliberal policy reforms on fifteen Black and Latino male community college students who participated in a qualitative, longitudinal study at Urban Community College. Though the conventional wisdom on community colleges assumes that more and better neoliberal policies will lead to improved outcomes and greater equity for educationally disenfranchised students, this study illustrates how the policies that are at the heart of the college completion agenda, such as continuous full-time enrollment, on-time graduation, and guided curricular pathways, were implicated in the study participants’ academic challenges.